Friday, November 12, 2010

Selected classic banters of this decade.

Today, we do a quick rewind of few of the one-on-one famous and not-so-famous banters in the cricket field of this decade. These are mainly bits of cracking jests picked up by the stump mic.

Let me clarify none of these can be classified as arduous sledging, nor it comes under any racial vilification. There are no McGraths, Symonds, Harbhajan, Gibbs here, so take this as mild sledging to the maximum. Hopefully, you're going to have a laugh or two.

1. Kumar Sangakkara gives a buoyant welcome to Shaun Pollock in the famous 2003 World Cup game.

2. Freddie Flintoff didn't like Dwayne Bravo's chirping and lets it rip while batting and then in the slips.

3. Mark Boucher 'intimidating' Tatenda Taibu only to find the latter is rock solid.

4. Kevin Pieterson and Yuvraj Singh - Evergreen duels of the decade. 

Apparently, Yuvraj starts this off, and KP hits back with "You're not God, you're a cricketer. Concentrate on your batting, you might play more." Then Yuvraj says something which isn't picked by the mic, to get a reply from KP "I'm a little bit tougher than you." It ends with Yuvraj stealing it by imitating KP's rundown the pitch to be hit by McGrath in the ribs (in the 2006 Aus tour).

5. Mohammed Kaif winding up Mohammed Yousuf (the then Yousuf Youhana) and Mohammed Sami.

Since, it was in Hindi/Urdu, so I'll translate the main bits here:
Kaif tells his team mates that Yousuf had faced 87 balls and hadn't hit a boundary yet. Then he goes on to point to the gap between the short leg and short square leg so that he can hit it in the gap.
Then Kaif has a go on Mohammad Sami saying Sami is always buzzing words while bowling but right now he's liplocked right now.

There were couple of more good videos but I stuck to these 5. Soon, we'll do a post on the topmost revered sledging moments of the decade. And those won't be mere banters ;)


sunny said...

I always love it when bloggers upload some good cricket videos because I'm never able to find them.
Thanks Masuudd, I thoroughly enjoyed them. :)

Masuud said...

Cheers sunny! It was just a random one, had bookmarked few of those videos, came across them and thought of making a post out of it, lol :)

Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

hahaha Bouchperv you sack!! Alright it's funny but I love Taibu... thus Bouch = sack! "So we'll give you a ten" Roflzorz

King Kumar rules hahaha

Ahh fantastic, thanks Kazee, hilarious